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Bioclimatic Refurbishment of Two School Buildings

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Year: 2011
Status: Design proposal
Area: 2.200 sq.m.

Workshop team: Derizioti Stamatina, Karagianni Sofia, Kladopoulos Yiotis, Kyritsi Olympiada, Liokas Giorgos, Neroutsou Dora, Petrous Diana

The proposal refers to the bioclimatic and functional refurbishment of the 1st High School and the 31st Secondary School at the new seafront of Thessaloniki. These buildings have been constructed in an attempt to temporarily accommodate the school functions after the devastating earthquake of 1978.
The general concept concerns the creation of a lightweight roofing system, which unifies the two schools, thus creating an atrium in the free space between them. At the same time the steel structure is used for the addition of a new level above the existing buildings to house the new functions which can be independently accessed through the atrium.
The new atrium that connects the existing buildings plays the role of a climatic buffer zone, which adjusts heating or ventilation depending on the external weather conditions. Strategically placed openings in the atrium, transfer its temperature conditions throughout the entire school complex, drastically reducing energy loads and provide for a healthier interior environment. To compensate for the existing heating loads, rows of photovoltaic panels are installed on a section of the new roofing which is always lit throughout the year.
Finally, a practical advantage of the proposed solution is not only economic viability of the selected materials and construction methods, but also that the whole construction can be completed in an extremely short time, so that the two schools can have a continuous operation.

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